State legislators fear the people

The state legislature gaveled in and out of a special session on the budget surplus. In doing so, the majority party again demonstrated their disdain for discourse and debate.

Do they fear good ideas? Clearly not, because there are plenty of popular ideas that have no shot of becoming law right now, such as expanding Badgercare, limiting gerrymandering, and easing marijuana laws.

Do they fear the governor? Perhaps a little, since they stripped the office of several powers before the recent term. Yet probably less so now, as they tossed the governor’s most recent proposed budget in the trash.

Do they fear the people? I believe so. By limiting high-profile debate they are decreasing their chances of being on the record opposing popular positions. At the same time, they are trying to make it harder for people to vote, effectively reducing the total number of voters.

When you don’t do your job, you fear anyone capable of calling you on it. Delinquent legislators fear those who have the most potential power in this state: the people.

No matter your preferred party or political involvement, when political obstruction and inaction so severely hinders our economy and kills common sense policies, it is up to the people to perform the actions they are unwilling or unable to take up.

We don’t need permission to lead public discourse, and we don’t need their parties to collaborate and organize. We need a popular political movement that demands elected officials address the needs of the state and serve the interests of the people.


Political movement needed to address needs, CapTimes, March 15, 2022