Poet in Resonance

There is much to learn,
If we pause to listen,
To the melodies of nature,
And the baseline of our hearts.

Because he listened,
With an open mind,
Marc was a rich man,
With an untamed vocabulary.

Upon that he honed his craft.
The chops to create and connect,
With those around him,
And with those he loved.

Through words,
And notes, and tone,
He offered his soul,
Honestly and copiously.

He shared a great deal,
Often, with just a look,
Or a lick, or a quip,
That cut clean through.

He could bring forth truths,
Well articulated, and grizzled,
Which brought us so much closer,
And further along this journey together.

With Axel,
Every moment
Was quality time,
From which I learned.

To swim at night,
To swing a maul,
To twist a phrase,
To push on through.

He made the task of living,
Conceivable, and tangible,
Altogether manageable,
And ultimately, tameable.

He offered, from his heart,
A tapestry of love and experience.
A life — and a tone — that resonates still,
With us, and forever forward.

I will always live,
In this soundscape,
In the sustain of my favorite poet,
My dad: Axel.