Economic justice can be a bipartisan issue

I am delighted to see the Economic Justice Bill of Rights recently outlined by the Workers’ Rights Coalition, and I am proud of Reps. Francesca Hong and Kristina Shelton for leading on these issues — along with all contributors. It’s only possible for initiatives of this scope and ambition to gain significant traction when people advance progressive, fair-minded legislators into positions of power.

While I personally align most closely with progressive policies and politics, I believe there is a benefit to coalition building that works to build a wide base of support. Thoughtful conservative viewpoints deserve a place at the table when developing the policy and programmatic elements which will execute the vision of this bill.

While too often wielded abhorrently by Republicans to limit rights and justice, conservatism can be leveraged to help connect disparate communities, strengthen support for social movements, and ensure new progress does not unnecessarily erode existing rights and social gains of yesteryear.

I encourage any Republicans in the state Senate and Assembly interested in the difficult task of governing in this manner — by designing effective policy and developing enduring programs — to follow the lead of our progressive legislators. Working together, it is possible to enact laws that foster economic justice and give all the people of Wisconsin the chance to lead productive, dignified lives.


Economic justice can be a bipartisan issue, CapTimes, March 12, 2021