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Turning a new leaf

It’s fall — arguably Wisconsin’s best season. That means a boundy of harvests, and jump scares, and the joy of another election. At the mention of politics, does your heart fill with optimism or dread? Do you imagine a leader inspiring hope, or a litany of ads and emails bombarding daily life? Democracy shouldn’t feel Turning a new leaf

Poet in Resonance

There is much to learn,If we pause to listen,To the melodies of nature,And the baseline of our hearts. Because he listened,With an open mind,Marc was a rich man,With an untamed vocabulary. Upon that he honed his craft.The chops to create and connect,With those around him,And with those he loved. Through words,And notes, and tone,He offered Poet in Resonance

Inevitable Revolution

A majority of people living in the United States are not happy with our many levels of government. Perennial dissatisfaction has solidified into disgust and popular anger. These feelings are so omnipresent — across all regions, generations, and political ideologies — that it is the central character of our national mood. And it’s absolutely justified. Inevitable Revolution

State legislators fear the people

The state legislature gaveled in and out of a special session on the budget surplus. In doing so, the majority party again demonstrated their disdain for discourse and debate. Do they fear good ideas? Clearly not, because there are plenty of popular ideas that have no shot of becoming law right now, such as expanding State legislators fear the people


Prose about our purpose and coming to terms with it.

From here

A poem on the circular nature of nurturing an adventurous spirit.


A poetic look at the steady pace of life through a molecular view.