Website for the Minnesota Forest Resources Council

I led a website redesign project for the Minnesota Forest Resources Council, launching their new web presence located at in July 2015. Our charge, initiated by former Executive Director Dave Zumeta, was to improve their website's organizational structure, content, and design.

The site remains a set of HTML pages managed by council staff and housed on the State of Minnesota's servers. Given their limited technological resources, this configuration proved best for council staff to easily manage content changes on a daily basis and to allow for the easy expansion of new features, as required.

In addition to several content edits, the project involved the development of a new information architecture, horizontal navigation scheme, and the construction of several page layouts. The final product is fully responsive, presenting well on a wide range of devices and optimized to efficiently feature their main report publications.

Regarding my technological contributions to the new site, project coordinator Rachael Nicoll said, "Not only did Robert vastly improve the quality, navigability, and visual appeal of our website, he provided valuable web design training services to staff." She also concluded, "Robert has provided a smooth, logical transition from the website redesign project to strategically improving the entirety of the council's content and communication plan. Our content is more streamlined and accessible due to his services."

Since the launch of the new website I have continued to work with council staff on several communication projects.