Website Redesign and Reorganization for ACPM

I worked with Dave Dauphanais and Ben Butz to update the website of the American College of Preventive Medicine at Our efforts focused on improving the content, organizational structure, and page layouts; adopting a responsive template theme offered by their hosting service, Your Membership; and developing a comprehensive stylesheet.

We simplified the organization by limiting the hierarchy to three levels and reducing the number of primary level categories from 15 to seven. Also critically important were our efforts to group related pages together and provide explanatory copy and links to associated content.

The website also provides a greater focus on news and events, as well as more clearly explains the preventive medicine specialty to medical students. The typography and page layouts improved overall readability and standardized the presentation of calls to action.

In addition to the developing the page designs and constructing the associated style classes, I edited numerous pages and wrote copy for all primary level pages. Dave and I also worked to improve the processes for publishing and promoting news and event content online.

The following pictures illustrate different page layouts, including those for:

  • The homepage at time of launch featuring an image rotator, descriptions about the society and the medical specialty, and listing of news and featured campaigns.
  • A primary level landing page featuring opportunities and programs
  • An internal branded program page with a list members and logos
  • An internal product page with prominent call to action
  • A set of pricing charts to simplify presentation of rate structure
  • The homepage of the old website with left-aligned navigation and narrow content area