Website for the 2015 AAAS Annual Meeting

We published a new marketing website for the 2015 AAAS Annual Meeting. Below are some screenshots from the site, which will reside at until mid-February of 2015. The website theme, using the same overall design and structure, has since been adjusted to fit the current year's meeting theme and agenda.

With oversight from Janel Kiley, Ilya Grey and myself developed the design elements and overall page layout — incorporating the visual meeting theme developed by Janel, which expresses 'Innovation, Information, and Imaging.' The content was written and edited by Kyla Hsia and Tiffany Lohwater.

The site is built using WordPress, adjusting an older version of the Performs theme we purchased in 2013. All new design elements use custom CSS styling, and I developed the responsive layouts from scratch.

Robert is one of the best people I've worked with, full stop. His technical and design skills are fantastic, but his true value is that he combines those skills with the attention to detail and thoroughness of a senior project manager. He cares about his work and will do everything he can to ensure all projects will be done well.

Kyla Hsia, Marketing Associate, AAAS

Robert Beets is a creative web development professional who successfully worked with web design staff to incorporate our website needs and strategies to create a beautiful new website. Robert answered questions and incorporated feedback in an iterative process. The resulting product was visually and functionally compelling.

Tiffany Lohwater, Director of Meetings and Public Engagement, AAAS