Redesign of the AAAS Website

I helped launch a new website for the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) at, playing a central role in design process, quality assurance, and in the post-launch management of CSS classes, page layouts, and content development. I also helped write and edit website copy for several sections before and after launch.

Utilizing a Drupal CMS, the new website is a large improvement technologically and aesthetically over the 15-year-old SHTML file driven website. In total, thousands of pages were migrated to the new website.

Joey Spooner was primarily responsible for the AAAS web presence and oversaw the approximately year-long redesign process. He was my supervisor on this project and we complemented each other's technical skill sets well before, during, and after launch. I also worked closely with Janel Kiley and Ilya Grey, the design team responsible for generating the visual theme.

Once erected, I worked continuously with website editor Kathy Wren to optimize photography and page layouts for news stories, like the second image below showing the a sample news release.