Emails for School Administrator Marketing Campaign at Giant Campus

I developed an email campaign to assist my colleague, Erick Newbill, as he pursued private school partnerships in Washington state for Giant Campus. The emails—which I wrote, designed and coded—helped build brand recognition with administrators before Erick would make sales calls pitching our supplemental online STEM classes.

Executed over three months targeting curriculum directors and superintendents as they returned from summer vacation, Erick was able to secure eight new contracts with private schools following the email campaign. The gain represented an 88% increase in relationships with private schools in the state, growing from nine to 17 contracts.

Each emails added to the administrator's understanding of our offering, customized services, and the collaborative intent of our partnerships. Over the course of the campaign, we garnered open rates from 25-35%. While visually loud, the design scheme of the emails, pictured below, closely matched our brand and website.