I help science organizations develop messaging and strengthen communication practices. I bring a strong understanding of science, an appreciation for mission-oriented ventures, and experience as a writer, editor, designer, developer, and project manager.

My work centrally involves understanding people, learning their story, and sharing it. As a consultant, I am fortunate to partner with passionate individuals who need help organizing information and streamlining processes. This commonly means I work on projects involving:

Communication Appraisal

For new clients I like to conduct an appraisal of communication practices and assets. I spend a few hours speaking with staff and reviewing websites, email templates, social media accounts, publications, content types, tone, branding, and internal processes. Together we identify problem areas and determine potential improvements.

This investment builds a roadmap for improving long-term communication efficiency and effectiveness. And by strengthening core processes and products, my clients continue to grow and thrive well after an initial project concludes.

Contact me to discuss potential projects or collaborations.